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Har du lest det mange ganger før, er det sannsynligvis greit å velge seg andre ord, er Gulliksens anbefaling. Andre eksempler er godt voksne kvinner og menn som omtaler seg som jenter og gutter. Og det verste av alt er nok direkte sexfiksering, sier han. Et annet viktig poeng er at profilteksten bør inneholde mest mulig om deg selv, og du bør begrense listen over krav eller ønsker du har for en fremtidig partner.

Det er mye viktigere at du beskriver deg selv, slik at potensielle partnere kan forstå hvem du er. Hvis du nevner et kriterium som kanskje ikke er veldig viktig for deg, kan dette skremme vekk en partner som kanskje er riktig for deg på andre områder, sier Bergholm. Vi har spurt brukerne i singelforumet om hva de helst ikke vil lese i nettdatingsprofiler. Her er et utvalg av deres svar: Vil du se flere eksempler, eller kanskje bidra med noen selv?

Kondom viser selvtillit i senga. Hva skal man skrive i nettdatingsprofilen? Førsteinntrykket dannes på nettet Dette bør du huske på. Å gi seg ut for å være en annen enn man er, å bruke så flatterende bilder at du ikke likner deg selv, eller å skryte på seg topptur etter topptur, faller ikke i god jord. Skal du skille deg ut i mengden, og dermed vekke interessen hos potensielle partnere, lønner det seg å bruke tid på profilteksten. Bildene skal være flatterende, men de skal samtidig vise hvordan du faktisk ser ut.

De beste bildene blir ofte tatt i skumringstimen, et gyllent preg gjør at bildet oppfattes positivt og varmt. Velg gjerne bilder der du smiler. Fotografbilder kan være et fint supplement, men de viktigste bildene er de der kameraet har fanget deg i en naturlig situasjon.

Profilbildet er det viktigste, så velg dette med omhu. Legg gjerne ut et bilde av ansiktet ditt og et bilde av hele deg. Unngå for utfordrende bilder. Registrer deg gratis og du får straks din beste match. Tilbyr egen datingprofil med bildegalleri, postkasse, mine venner, mine favoritter, mine besøkere, skriv på veggen, varsling via epost og SMS.

Man kan velge å være med som gratismedlem eller betale for VIP-medlem. Beregnet for deg som ser etter langsiktig kjærlighet eller vennskap. Utviklet av noen av Skandinavias fremste psykologer og sexologer. However - what was special was how you controlled the game and the size of the screen! The display was projected on a 8x12 meters screen located right in the middle of the Stavanger town square. People walking by could just pick up their smartphone, open a URL and then play the game.

This was sent back to the clients so they could see what position they had in the queue. The info was also sent to the huge game display that showed the game-queue in between games along with instructions on how to join. Once it was your turn, your phone displayed a "Get ready"-message and the game controls faded in so you could play.

It wasn't all smooth sailing and here's some lessons learned along the way. The original idea was to use a local socket server and a native game controller-application that people would have to install. I wanted a challenge and thought this was a good project for testing the maturity of mobile browsers and node.

Last Friday liked the idea and I started making a "proof of concept" browser-app. This turned out to work really well and Last Friday could sit in Stavanger and play the game running on a display and server in Oslo without serious lag.

I hacked together the concept in just one day, including learning node. As the game progressed we realized that there was no need for making a custom app and there was also no need to set up a special access point for the players. They simply connected through their 3G connection and that provided sufficient speed. Users with iPhone's got the best experience since they can use WebSockets. For Android the default Webkit browser can't do websockets, so socket.

We initially thought that this would prove to be a problem, but it worked rather well. This is before some minor game tweaks and starting the dreadful job of fixing browser bugs and incompatibilities. That part took another 3 days and then some.

Here's some lessons learned:. The game was made only for the annual ONS conference  so unfortunately you can no longer play it. While having a short lifespan, the project was a great learning experience. I have to say that overall, I'm not impressed by the current state of mobile browsers.

Working with Node has more or less changed my mind about making apps based on Javascript. A library that allow you to learn, implement and run a custom server in just hours is nothing less than stunning. If you're a Flash developer reluctant to move into Javascript - I urge you to go check out node.

Oh - did I mention the coolest part? I've actually made a space game for NASA! How cool is that? I knew about it, but it's facinating to experience firsthand the "Time To Market"-difference between Apple and Google.

On Android, you can push things live on Market in a matter of minutes. Getting approval from Apple took 7 days. During that time I have received my first batch of feedback from Android users.

I've gotten four 5-star reviews on Market, plus one 1-star review. The guy with the 1-star review didn't manage to install AIR on his handset for some reason. It hurts a bit to get a review like this when you're spending lots of time making something for the community to use for free, but it's better to know about the issue than not.

And - as my friend Paulo pointed out - export your app using Captive Runtime for Android. That'll include the correct version of AIR inside the app so the user never has to worry about it. It'll increase size, but reduce frustations so I'll certainly do that for the next version. I'll rebuild the views -system since I now know how I want it to work and I'll also add some more features.

Once in a while there comes along a project where you get to play with loads of fun things. This project was exactly that. Rock City Namsos is a brand new cultural building in the city of Namsos. It contains a movie theatre, a concert hall, a resource hub for professional music, a super-sweet recording studio as well as an exhibition centre. I worked on the exhibition centre part and I was hired by SixSides and my friends at Back to create six of the ten interactive installations.

The goal for the interactive part of the exhibit is to teach people about how music is created and let them have a go at making it themselves. The difficulty of the task is of course that no music skills can be required. Based on seeing both kids and adults having a blast making songs with the software, I think we solved this really well!

The first installation I did was a GarageBand-like editor that had been dumbed down a lot to make it accessible. Thanks a lot for making this library Andre!

You create your own tracks by dragging prefabricated loops onto the timeline. Advanced users can zoom in on the timeline for some minor edits and they can bypass the automatic chords to mix and match as they want.

The other app I did based on Tonfall was a full mixing desk with motorized faders! All the interactive parts of the exhibit are activated using RFID cards that is made to look like a stage-pass with Access All Areas of course. The passes are given out when the user enters the exhibit. This is done using standard mixing desk faders that we picked up from Yamaha along with Phidget motor controllers.

Hit play and you can tweak the eight tracks as you like. When you know how you want it, you press record to do the actual mixing. It simply works super-smooth! By putting different colored balls into the holes, you can build your own rythms. The installation uses an AIR-app that controls two webcams that read the color of the balls. Each color is a sound and you can build some pretty cool rythms or make a complete mess with this installation. This is a multitouch-application for designing your own CD cover.

In the app, you can select pre-made backgrounds or take a snapshot using a webcam, add graphics and text as well as add effects to all of these. Thanks to Mario for his neat color manipulation classes in this app!

The people sitting down at this installation can easily just sit there reading for 15 minutes or even more. The navigation is really cool as well. They make the table really easy to use. The maybe obvious choice here would be to use a socket server, but we used something that is much smoother to work with - Peer 2 Peer multicast! Thanks to the Cocoon-p2p library created by Peter Elst, the apps will just send a simple message onto the network that is then picked up by the machine running the view on the window.

We also use Cocoon in another part of the exhibit - the stage! Once the first badge is scanned, a countdown will display on monitors in front of the stage until a recording starts. When the song is finished, you can view your recording on a big screen in the adjacent room.

The setup consists of four different computers controlled with Cocoon p2p that runs different projections as well as the concert lighting rig that hangs above. My friend plo also did the app running the Multitouch kiosks in the exhibit. Did I mention this was all put together in only months time? The project owners had set the launch to be The setup of the exhibition also got more epic thanks to a huge water leak that went straight into our server room the day before opening, but I absolutely loved this project.

So many nice people and fun challenges are rare to come by. I were originally hired to solve a problem that others had given up - making a 22 Gigapixel image zoomable and interactive. At any time of the day, this app will show the online status for many thousand users, offering new ways to explore and connect to people.

Making an app like this run on old machines was quite a fun task! I also made two more apps for Sukker and they both allow their users to utilize more than just pictures to show others who you are. You can even peek into the fridge! I can also say that it was great to work with my friends at Jadehopper! The only breaks from commercial projects have been working on a Tower Defense game called MineGunner. The paying gigshave enabled me to take time off to work on this.

This has certainly been the most fun project ever! I just delivered yet another Away3D project for a longtime client of mine - dna shoes. Thanks to the entire Away3D team for filling my days and nights with fun!

About two years ago, I quit my own company to go freelance. I was working on a huge project with more than 50 small Flash apps, but I left the project some months ago more or less out of frustration.

The game was done in both Norwegian and English and it will soon get worldwide distribution in even more languages. The game targets kids but should work well for childish grownups as well. I share offices with two product designers that has a really cool device , one designer as well as three architects. The architects website was designed by Junebug and I converted the design to ExpressionEngine and set it up. If you look at an architects page, you can also see all the latest news for the projects they work on.

Every project has a unique RSS feed so anyone can easily track the progress in a project with next to no extra effort for the one filling in the content in the CMS. Really pleased with how the site tuned out. Flashgamer is the blog of freelance developer Jens Chr Brynildsen. Jens created applications and games for more than 20 years. He is now focused on Embedded systems and hardware development. If you need a freelancer with solid skills, get in touch. This blog's been a litte dead the last year as I've been head deep in two big projects in addition to teaching more than before at Westerdals ACT.

I'm not dead and I'm having a blast! I'm doing exactly what I want at the moment and I feel that I'm creating really good It's a neat little breakout board that packs all the features you'd want in a phone such as Calling, SMS, Data and Lipo battery operation and charging.

Add to that a good API that is easy to extend and we have a winner. Up until now I've had two 3D printers. My first one was the Ultimaker Original and it now has more than hours of printing behind it. An incredibly solid machine! The next printer was the Printerbot Jr that my son put together.

I haven't seen much of it as he's more or less Every now and then there's a project you can't say no to and this was one of them. As a marketing stunt, they opened a physical store downtown Oslo. I was called in via some The main challenge was actually how much time it took to execute it, but it was such a I recenty did a really fun game for my friends at Last Friday in Stavanger. After playing with my friend Jim's Makerbot for some time, I realized that I simply had to have one of these.

However - having a moving build platform really limits the speed and usefulness. I researched what machines were available and they all had similar limitations. Either they were too It contains a movie theatre, a concert hall, a resource hub for professional music, a super-sweet First year - cheap robot kits The first year I did the typical thing - I looked up various robot kits and grabbed what I thought would be a decent kit.

Second year - Makeblock For my second year, I now have 34 students! Here's a short video from both the building and the competition with some cheesy music from the Youtube video editor: Summing up As opposed to the previous year, the students quickly understood the difficulty of programming autonomous robots. Pressure sensitive floor 28 May13 I just came back from the most challenging physical computing project I've ever done.

Hardware I started the year by taking two months off from client work so I could learn electronics and microcontrollers. Projects I've done several great projects this year.

... I recenty did a really fun game for my friends at  Last Friday  in Stavanger. Nei, jeg har ikke noe problem med det. Skulle gjerne selv funnet en som liker skogsfester og som vet hva det er, men disse finner man jo gjerne bare på skogsfester. Hehe, jeg på min side fatter ikke hvordan folk holder ut med fyllenerver og hukommelsestap. Tenker da at det kan intimmassage bøsse bilder norskdate være meg hun snakker om. It's now surpassed 70k installs on iOS and Android and it just keeps growing. The first team had their robot kit up and running in only an hour! jan Spennende forslag du nevner Wander:) Får ta en tenkepause og bestemme meg for en eller annen treffer så lite folk at. 20 Oct The last two years I've been teaching a course at Westerdals Oslo School of Art, Communication and . Westerdals ACT (formerly NITH) Oslo - Embedded Systems - Robot Day .. When you know how you want it, you press record to do the actual mixing. (images by Rock City, Lars Petter Garen and me). Norsk tjeneste · Norges største dating · Oslo etablererpris · Omtaler av Sukker · Suksesshistorier · Presseomtale · Tjenester vi tilbyr · Matchsystem · Matchliste.

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